Safer Sites offers its industry leading edge protection system to suit the needs of various construction environments. Our universal system is the most trusted on the market, and has various fittings and attachments that will greatly add to the safety of your workplace.

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Roof Safety Systems That Protect

Our guard rails are safe and can be adapted to suit a variety of structures. Manufactured in Australia the product is sturdy and easily adaptable. With a unique clamping bracket, and the ability to modify the system to fit various gutters and structures; the universal system is simple, and cost effective. We carry out all the installation, ensuring the system is installed with the correct components to suit the variables of the site.

The Importance of a Safe Workplace

As of 2011 the government has introduced work health and safety regulations, which place a strong emphasis on preventing falls in the workplace.

  • Regulations require that any height that is likely to risk injury must be managed to prevent injury.
  • Safer Sites installs all the necessary measures to satisfy government regulations and ensure a safer workplace.

Australian Product

Our guardrails are manufactured in Australia and meet all industry required safety standards. The product we supply is considered to be the strongest, rail product available.

  • Our equipment fully complies to meet Australian Standards.
  • Dramatically increase the safety of your workplace.

Full Proof Installation by Reliable Technicians

Supplied and installed by our highly qualified, and professional staff, we guarantee the supply and installation, of a safe and effective product. Our customer service and professionalism is second to none. We take safety seriously!

The universal system Safer Sites provides is strong, safe, reliable and expertly installed. To find out more about the universal system contact us today.

Universal System

This is the most versatile system available. It has full range of movement to allow it to be attached to a wide array of structures. It allows adjustment from zero through to thirty degrees which allows for different roof pitches as well as easily attaching to roof gables.

This Clamp can attach to rafter or stud fame of the building.

The universal system is a simple and cost effective.

General used – New builds (Timber Framed or Metal Frame Constructions)

Universal SystemUniversal System

Tilt Slab System

For bolting onto walls and concrete fixtures also can be used to fix onto tin roofs. This system is installed via three concrete bolts screwed into the slab or fixture and can cater for gutters of different sizes also.

Tilt Slab SystemTilt Slab System

Reroof System (Pole System)

This system is used for existing sheeted roofs i.e. asbestos or tin roofs. This system can be used when soffits are installed.

The bracket and post does not penetrate the roof and is clear of the workers for the duration of reroofing while providing full protection.

Reroof Systems (Pole System)

Restoration System

This is used for existing tiled roofs. This system fits to the rafter and penetrates the roof, just above and behind fascia. This system once again offers optimum safety as well as giving the freedom to work in and around tiling application.

Restoration System