Safety Tips for Working at Heights

Working heights is a part of many workers routine but if procedures aren’t followed and safety measures aren’t taken a tragic mistake can be just around the corner.

Workplace health and safety Queensland have legislation governing the procedures for working at heights. Safer Sites would like to share some important safety tips for your workplace.

What constitutes a dangerous height?

A dangerous height on the workplace is classified as anything that can cause a fall from one level to another. According to government regulation any height where there is risk of a fall must be managed. Any height greater than 2 metres is considered high risk, and fall prevention measures must be used.

Who’s responsible?

The person in charge of the business on site is required by legislation to carry out work on the ground or on solid construction to ensure a safe environment. If unable to carry out work the employer must provide adequate protection that minimises the risk of an accident.

An unsafe workplace will be shutdown

If heights are not managed properly workplace OHS inspectors will issue infringement notices, and even close the site down. Implementing the correct procedures is important.

To ensure you are taking the necessary precautions in your workplace contact Safer Sites to learn how our systems can help you.