Safer Sites provides roof safety systems, to ensure protection when working on raised services. Our product and highly professional staff will assist you with making your workplace safe. Occupational health and safety is of paramount concern to Safer Sites, and our aim is to make your working environment as safe as possible.

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Why choose Safer Sites?

Your Local Industry Expert

Founder Brett Kenway has spent 18 years as a roof tiler and knows the inherent risks involved with working at heights. Scaffolding doesn’t always provide enough protection and falls from unsecured platforms can end in tragedy. Brett believes that with Safer Sites your workplace will benefit from greater safety procedures.

Loyal to Australian Manufactured Products

Our Guard Rails are manufactured in Australia with the strongest steel and provide versatile protection for builders. To guarantee a safe work place look no further than the systems we provide at Safer Sites.

Installation That You Can Trust

Our systems fitted by our highly trained Safer Sites technicians, are incredibly versatile. With a variety of products, there are few environments that we can’t dramatically reduce risk in. At Safer Sites we guarantee the installation of a safe, Australian made system that will eliminate the risk of falls in your workplace.

Our Guarantee

Safer Sites advocate’s safer working environments and guarantee quick installation to make your workplace as safe as possible