Roof Edge Protection Systems

Safer Sites is a locally owned and operated family business servicing Brisbane, Ipswich and Northern NSW. Safer Sites offers edge protection systems to provide safety for builders working on raised surfaces. Edge protection systems otherwise known as roof safety systems have been proven to be effective in dramatically reducing the chance of a workplace accident.

Safer Sites was established with the firm goal of creating a safer, accident free, working environment for builders operating at heights.

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Ensuring a Safe Workplace

On the modern building site, safety is of paramount concern to both employers and employees. Builders encounter risk every day, working on rooftops and scaffolding can be highly dangerous.

At Safer Sites we aim to dramatically decrease workplace injuries. Our products create a safer workplace and exponentially reduce the risk of falls with guard rails and other safety measures.

Be smart give Safer Sites a call today to discuss your safety needs and to ensure the person in control of your business has provided adequate protection that minimises the risk to all.

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